F.P. Packaging & Denesting

F.P. Packaging & Denesting Equipment

Leaders in the design and manufacture of tray denesting and pick & place machinery, offering extremely high performance, designed to handle a massive range of tray types and applications. There are 4 main types of denesting method - 1) Pneufeed Tray Denester - An air jet venturi system 2) Reciprocating Placer – Medium speed vacuum sucker pick off 3) Series 5 Tray Denester – Intermittent finger mechanism 4) Rotary Placer – Higher speed rotating sucker pick off.

FP Conveying & Tray Trasfer

Flighted, plain belt, and platen conveyors are manufactured to required food quality specifications. Fully automatic product transfer from plain belt to flighted conveyor can also be supplied.

Automatic product transfer systems can be used to feed trays or naked product from the a plain belt conveyor into the flights of a flowrapper infeed

FP Pneufeed Tray Denester

Reduce labour costs with fully proven low maintenance denesting.

Based on the proven Pneufeed Denester, with over 500 installations, we have further developed our manufacturing programme to include not only all types of denesting for foil, plastic and board containers, but in addition conveying and presentation of containers for secondary packaging or handling operations, including presentation for product loading and accurate placing.

  • Denests extremely range of trays often without denest features
  • No change parts or consumable items required
  • Extremely fast tool free and repeatable size change
  • Well suited to tough environments
  • Powerfed magazine option for extended production runs
  • Large number of machines in operation with major blue chip companies

FP Series 5 Dispens-a-Tray

Ideal for denesting expanded polystyrene trays, aluminium foil trays and other plastic trays with suitable denest features. In addition, special applications are also possible using irregular shaped trays. Double or multi-lane variations are available for two or more rows of trays to be denested simultaneously, or in any required sequence.

  • Denests trays with suitable denest features
  • Compact
  • Low cost, low energy consumption
  • Very low maintenance and lubrication requirements
  • Rugged construction, well suited to tough environments

FP Tamping

FP manufacture belt driven tamping stations for continuous motion tamping of containers and lids. These can be easily and quickly adjusted for height by hand wheel.

FP Tray & Handling Systems (1)

In the meat industry a number of systems have been supplied for automatically loading meat portions into plastic trays at speeds in excess of 70 trays per minute per lane.

Product & Tray Handling (2)

Denesting, labeling and re-stacking line for ice cream tubs

FP Planetary Placer

A continously rotating assembly of two or four rotating heads provides top reliability and an unsurpassed ability to handle high line speeds. The rotary design provides true planetary motion. Ideal for a wide range of applications the Planetary Placer can also be custom engineered into turnkey lines to complete highly efficient and totally automatic production lines.

  • High Speed up to 400 placements per minute per lane
  • Easy and quick size change with press button for change of host machine pitch
  • Highly flexible product magazine for fast and easy size changes
  • Simple installation
  • Easy to retrofit to existing flowrappers with its electronically synchronised servo motor drive system
  • Portable between lines
  • Robust construction for operation in tough food factory environments

FP Reciprocating Placer

This denester has the unique combination of speed, accuracy of placement and flexibility to help solve the most difficult handling tasks. A reciprocating pick & place head driven by a powerful servo motor allied to an extremely flexible magazine arrangement for quick, easy and repeatable size changes. The Reciprocating Placer can be custom engineered into turnkey lines to complete highly efficient and totally automatic production lines.

  • Exceptional accuracy and placement precision
  • Easy, quick, repeatable and tool free size change
  • Servo motor driven for low maintenance / low noise
  • Higher torque, speed with more flexibility and control than pneumatic driven machines holding up to 32 different arm movement programs in memory
  • Proven performance in tough 24 hour operation with major blue chip companies
  • Designed in house on Solidworks solid modelling CAD system to ensure the optimum layout for each combination of products
  • Optional high care food factory environment protection and guarding
  • Available in single lane or multi-lane formats

FP Snap on Lidding Applications

All system components feature quick and easy size change features to handle different container sizes and heights. System shown includes conveyor and tamping station modules.

FP Turn key

Having the widest range of denesters from any one source we have supplied complete turnkey tray dispensing lines for many varied applications. This automated concept is suitable to a wide range of applications within the food industry where trays, cartons and pots are used.

Whether your product is manually fed, automatically weighed, augered or pumped, there are solutions which allow us to offer turnkey tray denesting, loading and transfer systems.

  • FP will provide complete system integration for a project.
  • Our engineering department uses Solidworks solid modelling CAD system to produce sound engineering designs.
  • This saves time manufacturing time on the shop floor and helps us to eliminate potential conflicts ensuring that new machinery can be installed on site safely, quickly and efficiently.
  • In addition should the customer wish to make alterations after delivery we have detailed models of the system available to work on.
  • Spare parts can be identified very quickly through the use of interactive manuals.

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