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Turbo Systems Limited are UK sales agents for unique pinless drive aeration equipment specialists Shuffle Mix BV.

Machines capacities available include 100, 250, 500 and 1000 litre throughputs per hour

The mixer core consists of a series disks. Each disk has special shaped holes and is connected to a shaft. The shuffle shaft is moving up and down in a Stainless Steel tube. The shaft speed is regulated and controlled by the system PLC. The disk/tube tolerance is very tight consequently there is virtually no product bypass around the disks consequently >95% mixing can be achieved. By feeding product thru the tube excellent product sharing and mixing is created.

The Shuffle mixer has a very small footprint and is the smallest in the market. A Shuffle mixer fits easily in very small product lines. The system is light weighted, is equipped with wheels and therefore easy to move.  This makes the system very flexible in your operations.

Due to the disk design the system is easy to maintain. All moving parts can be hand carried. System dismantling and re assembly is a matter of minutes so system downtime is reduced significantly.

Shuffle Mix BV cont.

During the aeration process air is injected in the product. The air is being mixed with the product while flowing thru the tube. The end result is a perfectly mixed with an unsurpassed final product consistency and a sound texture. Since the airflow is PLC controlled the final product density is very precise. The final product density is defined in the product recipe but can also be adjusted manually on the system touch screen.

The Shufflemix disks are special shaped and designed for maximum product sharing with minimum force required. For this reason the power consumption of a Shufflemixer is approximately 30% compared to a traditional pin head mixers. The Shufflemixer can therefore be classified as a green system but more important the product heat absorption during the aeration process is very limited resulting is very low product temperature rise. Although the Shufflemixer is equipped with tube cooling, often product cooling is not required. The minimum heat absorption is very beneficial for temperature sensitive products.

Each Shufflemixer is equipped with a state of the art back pressure regulator. This regulator is PLC controlled and guarantees a perfect final product in the system exhaust.

The Shufflemixer is built in accordance with the latest HCAPP guidelines. All parts in contact with the products are of stainless steel 316. All non-steel parts are FDA certified.  The Shufflemixer is easy to clean in place (CIP). There are no dead pockets in the system. The disks are fully vacuum welded to the shaft and the disk shape is such that cleaning by rinse water is very effective. The automatic cleaning programs are PLC controlled.

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