M250 Mini Depositor

M250 Mini Depositor


The M250 is the D250 mini machine version offering many features and benefits over and above other depositing companies and is ideal for small bakery, pot dessert and ready meal applications.

Multiple head machines are available in twin and triple versions for multi-lane depositing.

Multi-lane depositors can be banked together on stands with single common multi inlet product hoppers if required. 3 to 8 lane “Turbo Mini Monobloc” depositors are also available larger multiple applications.

Cleaning and changeover procedures require no tools. Components feature one way fitting only.

Standard Features

  • Pin-less main product piston attachment design to improve dismantling & reassembly times.
  • Main product piston seals are machined profiles rather than being molded offering a highly accurate fit in the cylinder bore for extremely accurate deposit weights.
  • Pin-less rotary valve actuator arm assembly reducing quantity of parts for cleaning, disassembly and reassembly.
  • Redesigned one piece rotary valve with precision machined seal technology reducing the quantity of parts for cleaning, disassembly and reassembly.
  • Large bore entry rotary valve and block as standard to enable the processing of large particulate
  • Improved weight control indicator detailing percentage stroke and stainless steel control wheel
  • Ergonomically placed controls at the front and rear of the machine.
  • Sealed flush bulkheads and piston speed controls.
  • Rear crash bar protection to rear of depositor main body.
  • Clamp free hopper connector.
  • Stainless steel telescopic type tubing for precise height setting of nozzle.
  • Noise emissions reduced to below recommended maximum standard
  • Interlocked hopper and rotary valve safety circuit
  • 304 Stainless steel construction with 316 contact parts
  • Less parts, less downtime and lower cost of ownership

Product Cylinder Options

  • 4 - 2 0mls = 16mm Diameter
  • 12 - 39 mls = 22mm Diameter
  • 19 - 64 mls = 32mm Diameter
  • 28 - 114mls = 38mm Diameter
  • 65 - 260mls = 57mm Diameter
  • 80 - 320mls = 63.5mm Diameter

The D250 Larger machine has a capacity from 19ml to 1363ml and 2000 to 5000ml deposits are accommodated by the Turbo LD2000 and LD5000 range of depositors.

M250 Range Accesories

Liquids with particulates that are required to stay in suspension can be assisted by our range of standard or bespoke agitation units.

All depositors are complemented by a range of standard outlet nozzles and special purpose designed nozzles can be manufactured to meet customer requirements.

For the Bakery, Dairy and Ready Meal industries an extensive range of bespoke design decorating heads for cake decoration, dessert toppings and mashed potato complement the depositing machine range.

Customer Service

Contact: Steve Lang

Email: slang@turbo-systems.com

Phone: 01482 325651 (Ext 1)

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