D500 Depositor

D500 Depositor


The D500 combines product transfer and filling operations in one unit.

The Turbofill D500 series is ideal for catering pack producers of liquids, creams, semi-solids and particulated products in large batches and pack sizes. It is a fully mobile unit for flexibility and is suitable for a wide range of applications within many industries including food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical.

Standard Features

  • Following pipework disconnection, cleaning and change over procedures require no tools
  • Components feature one way fitting only
  • Centralised adjustment controls at rear of machine
  • Ergonomically placed controls at the front and rear
  • Quantity of removable components minimised
  • Shock absorber system minimises noise emission
  • Pneumatic logic control system
  • Foot control or automatic activation
  • Lubrication free pneumatic components
  • Rigid mobile stand
  • Castors or gliders ensure easy mobility
  • Sealed machine cabinets minimise product ingress
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Interlocked guarding

Customer Service

Contact: Steve Lang

Email: slang@turbo-systems.com

Phone: 01482 325651 (Ext 1)

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